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December 16, 2018

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Oct 10, 2009



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5K: 24:22 (March 2010); 22:33 (October 2010); 20:47 (May 2011); 21:05 (May 2012); 21:33 (September 2012); 21:23 (November, 2013); 22:31 (September 2014)

5M:  39:22 (November, 2012); 35:54 (November, 2013); 36:03 (March, 2015)

10K: 44:08 (November, 2010); 49:20 (July, 2013); 44:07 (April, 2015)

12K:  56:03 (December, 2013); 58:58 (December, 2014)

10M:  1:11:58 (October, 2012); 1:15:24 (October, 2014)

Half Marathon:  1:53:xx (London's Run 2010); 2:05:21 (Cowtown 2010); 1:37:04 (Gusher 2011); 1:42:19 (Huntsville 2011); 1:33:47 (Baytown Jailbreak 2012); 1:33:50 (The Woodlands 2012); 1:42:52 (Texas 2015); 1:49:17 (Jailbreak 2015); 1:38:34 (The Woodlands 2015)

25K: 2:01:47 (Fifth Third River Bank, May 2014)

Marathon: 5:51:35 (Texas Marathon 2009); 6:21:36 (Ogden 2009); 4:58:29 (St. George 2009); 4:13:45 (Texas Marathon 2010); 4:04:12 (Utah Valley Marathon, 2010); 5:11:14 (Hartford ING, 2010); 3:41:43 (Richmond SunTrust, 2010); 3:39:27 (Texas Marathon 2011); 3:41:46 (Utah Valley Marathon, 2011); 3:30:35 (St. George 2011); 3:41:51 (Richmond 2012); 3:49:15 (Texas 2013); 3:46:59 (Paavo Nurmi, 2013); 3:34:04 (St. George 2013); 3:49:51 (Texas 2014); 3:31:59 (Richmond 2014); 3:28:34 (Boston 2015)

Short-Term Running Goals:

3:20, 1:30, 0:20

Long-Term Running Goals:

I'm 60, there is no long term.


I live, work and run in Houston, Texas.  I have run 17 marathons, some good ones and some others.  I prefer straight, flat, cold, sea-level marathons, still waiting for my first one.  I feel like there are more PRs out there.  When I have them, I am told it is time to dial it back, run for healthy reasons.  I'm sure that's right, and I'm sure it won't happen.

My wife and I are from the mountains of the west.  We have five kids, three granddaughters and three grandsons.  The kids and grandkids are native Texans but we are not -- you have to be born here.

As for my blog title: I run most of my miles before sunrise, sometimes hours before. On the back road of my neighborhood two hours before daylight, I can depend on a pack of mutts behind the boundary fence lighting up when they hear my footsteps. I have wondered what they wanted; but according to Hemingway I needn't ask.

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64F, 100%, NW 3 mph.  I skipped a 5K to launch once more at the 7:45/20-mile barrier, didn't make it over the top.  Weather wasn't quite cool enough and I didn't have enough endurance.  Haven't run enough miles this year.  Warmed up for 0.4 then ran 15.0 as follows:  7:40 (151), 7:43 (156), 7:35 (158), 7:43 (158), 7:37 (158), 7:50 (161), 7:49 (162), 7:35 (162), 8:02 (162), 7:39 (165), 7:38 (167), 7:38 (167), 7:50 (168), 7:37 (169) and 7:52 (169).  Overall 1:55:49, 7:43/mile, 161 bpm.  I know I am done when I try to speed up and slow down instead, that is a totally reliable metric.  Once my heart rate approaches 170 I can't go much further, not sure how I did a 169 average for SGM exactly a year ago.  Last long fast run will be in two weeks.

From I Just Run on Mon, Oct 08, 2012 at 08:42:12 from

May not be what you wanted but you're still getting there. You still need some cooler weather (40's or low 50's) to really do well!

From SlowJoe on Mon, Oct 08, 2012 at 12:05:34 from

I know that speed up/slow down metric very well. It causes a triple take when you look at your watch, and sometimes even tapping it to make sure it's not stuck or something. But still a great MP-type run and obviously better runs to come when it cools off in Houston.

From Rye on Tue, Oct 09, 2012 at 04:42:30 from

Great mileage this week flat. If you need to enjoy the 40 to 50 degree weather...... I know where you can find it.

From Kelli on Tue, Oct 09, 2012 at 16:09:42 from

WOW, I am thinking that was a superb work out! I am confused: if your average was a 7:43 (WOW, by the way!), then didn't this work out go well??? What am I missing?

From flatlander on Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 07:56:54 from

Preston, believe me, I had the temperature factor in my calculus. I thought if I could hit 7:45 for 20 at these temperatures then I could hit 7:30 for the real deal. But first I must hit 7:45.

Thanks Joe, you always see the bright side!

Rye, I don't have any grandkids up there.

Kelli, you are right, it was a fine effort and I shouln't be whining. I tried three times to hit 7:45 for 20 and just didn't make it. Trying again a week from Saturday. By the way, I saw your finishing time for SGM but haven't read your report or commented (don't want to comment too soon and have my mailbox fill up). What a fantastic effort! When it comes to improving race after race, year after year, I am not sure I know of a better runner anywhere. I really admire what you have done and now you are a member of the sub-3 club. We are not worthy down here in Texas.

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